A Responsive Redesign

It’s been quite some time since I last redesigned my site, and I’ve been agonizing over an update for almost a year now. As usual, client work tends to supersede the always-neglected portfolio site, but it’s finally time to release this thing into the wild.

I had made a few attempts towards a fluid design on the old site — baby steps which included responsive images, fluid columns and a couple media queries mixed in. Ultimately though, the entire site needed a complete overhaul not only in aesthetics, but in utilizing best practices in responsive web design. I’ll never (well, probably never) focus my work entirely on web development, but as I learn bit by bit through helpful tutorials and an inspirational community of interaction designers, there’s kind of a lot to get excited about.

Responsive Devices for tomlewek.com

My abilities in both design and now development were certainly not reflected at all in the old site as of late, and the work was severely outdated as far as what my current portfolio could show to potential clients. There were just not enough reasons to keep putting this redesign off, so I now invite you to have a look around the brand new, responsive tomlewek.com and let me know what you think.

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