Category Archive: Web Design
  1. Recent Work: Shawn Mathey

    It was such a pleasure to work on Shawn Mathey’s new website, knowing what a great artist & supremely nice guy that he is, having met him in London at English National Opera during the production of The Magic Flute.

    In this rare occasion, I was able to design a brand aesthetic for him completely from scratch while being inspired by his performance and artistry first-hand. (more…)

  2. Latest & Greatest: March

    Here’s my round-up of a few of the most interesting and well-executed site designs I have seen during the month of March.
    Anytime the gang at Teehan + Lax redesign their site, you know you’re going to want to pay attention because these guys are always trend-setters.

    You could also say these sites all follow the “Flat Design” trend, or you could simply say it’s just plain good design. (more…)

  3. Opera Embedded Tweets

    When my wife Kathryn performed in The Magic Flute at English National Opera this past fall, I took the opportunity to try out Twitter’s Embedded Timelines widgets. Twitter allows you to easily embed a timeline for Tweets from a user, a user’s favorites, Twitter lists, or any search query or hashtag. It’s incredibly easy to set up widgets in your profile’s Settings page. Then copy & paste a few lines of code in your site and you’re done. (more…)