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  1. Recent Work: Shawn Mathey

    It was such a pleasure to work on Shawn Mathey’s new website, knowing what a great artist & supremely nice guy that he is, having met him in London at English National Opera during the production of The Magic Flute.

    In this rare occasion, I was able to design a brand aesthetic for him completely from scratch while being inspired by his performance and artistry first-hand. (more…)

  2. Recent Work: Michael Bachtadze

    Here is a project I recently completed for the German Opera Singer Michael Bachtadze. The site is responsive, looks great on any device and is built on WordPress from the ground-up. I use my boilerplate theme which is based heavily on Viewport Industries’ Starkers and the help of a few key plugins: Contact Form 7, TablePress and a NextGen Photo Gallery. (more…)

  3. Recent work: Roomtemp

    Roomtemp is the new lifestyle blog of event planner Moshe Aeylon. Sometimes, but not very often, the best solution can be to build off of an existing WordPress theme. In this case, in conjunction with the KRD team, we felt that the PixelPower theme had enough bang for our buck regarding built-in functionality and would also allow the level of design customization necessary to satisfy all of our needs and the client’s requirements for the site. (more…)

  4. Powered by WordPress

    I have been focusing a lot of my time lately on learning how to develop WordPress sites. Not only to use it as a blogging platform, but also as a full-blown Content Management System (CMS) for client sites like this one. When the new year rolled around, I thought it was the perfect excuse to get my own site onto WordPress.

    Reasons for doing so were this: On my old site which consisted of static HTML & CSS files, it became a pain if I wanted to update a site-wide block of content like the header or footer; because I would have to open every HTML page and be sure the changes were copy/pasted into each one, saved, and uploaded to the server. I also wanted to be able to blog more easily and (hopefully) frequently. But probably the most important reason was to test out how easily it could be done with my current base knowledge of the platform. (more…)