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  1. Announcing: Partnering with Digital Surgeons

    Excited to announce that I will be working with Digital Surgeons as a Freelance Designer on web projects for various clients. They are the ultimate digital marketing and creative strategy agency in Connecticut, and quickly building an outstanding client list that includes Camelbak, Unilever, Fender, Coach, Guess and Sharp. (more…)

  2. Down with Advertising

    I had a realization the other day. My mindset about my career was once that I was in the business of advertising. Granted I used to do a lot more print design, whereas these days I’m focusing almost entirely on the web, so of course I once worked on more things that literally resembled ads.

    But for the longest time I also considered the websites I designed to be simply advertisements for clients — small businesses which included lawyers, snack food companies, photographers, financial advisors, authors and non-profits. Advertisements they may be, but something clicked that changed the way I would think about my role in this field. (more…)